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What others say about Integrity Clean

Integrity Clean hopes to enhance our reputation through honesty, attentiveness, and outstanding results. It’s our second nature to go the extra mile, and as a by-product we hope our customers’ expectations are exceeded. We would like to share some of the things actual customers have said about Integrity Clean to help you see more of what we are all about:

In the past, it was always a pleasure to see Cal arrive at our home. This time was certainly no exception. As we stated in previous testimonials, we tried other companies, with their "specials" and "add ons." Cal is straight forward, gives you choices of services, and a set fee. Nothing is hidden. He comes in and goes straight to work. Once finished, the carpets look exceptional, as always. Since switching over to his service, we have not even considered anyone else. We know the quality of his work, and we trust our carpets to him. He is very personable as well and always gives helpful hints as to how to care for the carpets, and the tile flooring as well. We highly recommend Integrity Clean to anyone looking for quality carpet or floor cleaning. We don't think you will be disappointed. Please, give him a chance. We think you will be very satisfied with his services.

Eddie K. from Phoenix
December 2018 (month of service)

This is the second time Cal has cleaned our carpeted rooms. This time master bedroom and the office. To say he does an excellent job is an understatement. He takes such care in even setting up, then the cleaning, and the rinsing. It takes longer and is so worth the results. Our carpet in the bedroom was in okay shape but now looks brand new. It's about 10 years old. The office berber is 20 years old and now looks terrific! Heed his advise though---don't walk on it without just socks or his booties. Don't put furniture back for 24 hours and for 48 if you used orientals like we do on top of the carpet. Cal is the best!

Nancy S. from Scottsdale
December 2018 (month of service)

A couple of weeks ago I finally did something I will never regret. I needed a clean carpet and chose the best and brightest wholly by chance! Actually the 5 star rating helped me make that decision. I was impressed by his appearance and directness in obtaining the information from us to fulfill the goal to clean our carpets so the end result would be what we wanted. He came into our humble mobile home to try to clean up the filthiest carpet I had ever seen and left it looking like new carpet. My secret plan was to rip it out and install new carpet! Our friends were as amazed as we were! They too believed nothing could save the carpet. I called Cal, He saved us headache, heartache and money. He truly is a master carpet cleaner! Cal, we three Davis' thank you for the wonderful job you did for us, we will let everyone know who to call for their carpet cleaning.

Margaret D. from PHOENIX
August 2018 (month of service)

Cal has stellar personal standards. He leads with good manners, sound judgment, superior work ethic, subject matter expertise and experience. This all translates to professional cleaning by a very trustworthy company. There is not anyone I would hesitate to recommend to Integrity Clean.

Karen B. from Phoenix
May 2018 (month of service)

I have used Cal's company since 1994. I have light colored wool berber that is over 20 years old and he manages to keep it looking fabulous after all these years. (I do admit we waited until the dog "aged out" before getting the carpet but he does a fabulous job!)

Gael P. from phoenx
April 2018 (month of service)

I have enjoyed Integrityclean for years. I am very particular and Cal has never let me down! My son just got a puppy (a very large one at that). We already have two dogs. I was sure Cal would have a difficult time with my carpets. He not only did an excellent job, but my carpets once again look like new. Cal is very personable and trustworthy. He definitely lives up to the name of his company.

Marlene D. from Phoenix
March 2018 (month of service)

We, too, have called upon Cal for a couple of years. We switched from another company as a trial, and never looked back. His work is always outstanding. the carpets looks great and feel great, and he takes the time to work on stains and eliminate them. He always gives helpful information on how to maintain the carpet as well. We will look forward to his next visit, as we can be assured that everything will be as good as it was during this visit. If you have not given him a chance to clean your carpets, I would suggest that you do. You will probably be very impressed. He is very professional and personable- a great combination.

Ed K. from Phoenix
December 2017 (month of service)

Cal has cleaned the carpets in our home for a few years now. He always does an excellent job and makes sure we are satisfied. Scheduling is convenient, too. We also have a number of rental properties which can prove a challenge for any cleaning company. Cal has saved us from having to replace carpets between tenants and also removed pet smells from tile and grout. We have full confidence in his work for our family personally and for our business. He always comes through!

Sharyl from Scottsdale
May 2017 (month of service)

Cal was here for the second time, and the carpet is incredible looking. Cannot say enough about his attitude and diligence in accomplishing the standards he sets. I realize that he wants to appease the "by YOUR standards" theme, but he has standards above those. He is not satisfied unless you are, and it meets HIS standards. Give him a chance- you may never leave his service. We won't.

Ed from Phoenix
April 2017 (month of service)

We called Integrity because we wanted to try a different service for comparison in carpet cleaning. Cal came out for the estimate, and was very professional and personable. He explained the options to us, and was, in no way, "pushy." We gave him a chance, and were very impressed with his services. The carpet looks great; better than with previous companies. He also gave us updates as to different areas needing attention and his recommendations for such. Once he left, we knew we would be calling him again. We trust him, and would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of carpet cleaning. He is numbr one on our list now.

Ed K. from Phoenix
July 2016 (month of service)

Movers recently made a mess of my slip-cover couches. Cal was able to remove the black spots from the white loveseat (dirty hand prints, spots in and nearly under the ribbing, and elsewhere), as well as the dirt, wood flecks, and grease embedded in the side of the gray couch. I'm not really sure how the movers managed to do so much damage to ceran wrapped couches, but I'm really grateful that Cal took the time necessary to undo the mess. And I appreciate his honesty about how tricky white slip covers are too.

Liz F. from Scottsdale
July 2016 (month of service)

I have used Cal for years to clean both carpeting and upholstery. He is efficient, but never rushes the job. Cal takes pride in his work and the results reflect his expertise and desire to deliver outstanding service. Thank you, Cal!

Debbie W. from Paradise Valley
April 2016 (month of service)

Once again we used Cal to clean our carpets. He still is THE BEST! Our neighbor I thought had a lighter shade of carpet and would remark to her how I wished we had that rather than ours. After Cal started cleaning my wish mysteriously came true! All along we did have the same color it's just that no one else could get it to look like new. It stays cleaner longer too!

Sherri W. from Fountain Hills AZ
March 2016 (month of service)

YEARS of excellent work, wonderful advice, professional with a personal touch. I look forward to seeing Cal every year...and my carpet is still like new, to his credit!

mary L. from Scottsdale
January 2016 (month of service)

Cal is great! He has been cleaning our carpet for years & does an excellent job. We could not be happier. Off-white carpet & a puppy were no challenge for Integrity Clean. Our carpet looks like new. Kudos also to David, his assistant. Cal & David are as friendly & professional as they come. And our puppy loves them too!

Jim K. from Phoenix
December 2015 (month of service)

We have been working with Cal for about five years now. We have white furniture, 2 kids and an English Bulldog(that likes to lay on sofas and occasionally has "accidents". Cal has been able to remove tough stains on our dining room chairs, sofas, chairs, headboard and carpet. Cal is extremely professional. He arrives promptly, dressed neatly and professionally, and spends all the time needed to remove stains and clean our carpets and upholstery. He always follows up to ensure that you are satisfied with his work. A few years ago, we hired Stanley Steemer to clean our carpets. They were at our home for about a half an hour, were extremely unprofessional and did a horrible job. I will never use the again. We trust Cal completely and we recommend his services.

Kim D. from Scottsdale
May 2015 (month of service)

Cal manages to take my 5 year old area rug and makes her look like the day we bought her brand new.

Ellen B. from Phoenix
May 2015 (month of service)

WOW, … once again, Cal proved that his company name is the perfect name for his business and his personality. Thank you for taking a pride of what you do, Cal! Our carpet was dirty, with a new dog in our home and a cat, it wasn’t pretty, I truly thought we will need to change the carpet. But Cal, changed my thinking, as always he brought that dirty carpet to live, and gave a fresh brand new look to it, I am stunned ….!!! Not only it looked brand new and fresh, when he cleaned, months later, it stays clean and look fresh. Whatever he does, he always does it with care and integrity. Thank you, Cal, we highly recommend Cal and his company!

Stella S. from Scottsdale
February 2015 (month of service)

As others have said, I've had my carpets cleaned by multiple companies, very well known. My carpet is a beige, light brown color and many years old and showed the highly traveled areas as clearly darker than the other areas of the carpet. Cal came out to clean a darkened area to see what he could do. The area he cleaned was a tremendous improvement compared to how it looked. I scheduled him to come and do all of my carpets soon thereafter and am extremely pleased. I would recommend IntegrityClean over any other cleaning company. Something else is that Cal explained a pretty clear idea of what he will be able to do! He also explained a number of others factors which effect how a given carpet looks.

James A. from Phoenix
February 2015 (month of service)

Tired of having your carpets cleaned, only to feel like they're really not clean? Cal takes pride in his work and properly cleans all your needs. I also trust him in my home and never use anyone else.

Mary A. from Scottsdale
January 2015 (month of service)

The previous testimonial regarding the lady with her 5 dogs is the reason I called Cal...I also have dogs and a very large area rug for my great room and was in desperate need of cleaning. Long story short - Cal did a wonderful job! When I unrolled the rug at my home, it looked like when I first brought it home. I will definitely use Cal again and recommend him.

Vickey P. from Mesa
October 2014 (month of service)

I have 5 dogs - 4 of which are small and going through a rebellious stage in their lives destroyed an oriental carpet - - but after having Cal clean it I was VERY happy to learn that is was not destroyed - he got all stains and all smells out of the carpet - its amazing - we stuck our noses in the carpet - NO smells !! Cal really knows what he is doing !! I am calling today for my next carpet project and I know he will be able to save me again !!! Thanks for being the "real thing" Cal !!! The world needs more people with your ethics !! KH

Karyl H. from Scottsdale
August 2013 (month of service)

We have used several different cleaners over the years and Integrity Clean is the BEST. Our carpets have never looked as clean. I appreciated how our walls were protected , we were followed up with and no surprises with an extra charge. No one else has ever done this.

Sherri W. from Fountain Hills
July 2014 (month of service)

I was searching for someone to clean my bed that was made from some delicate fabric. I wanted someone who was experienced with this type of upholstery. I happened on Cal and he made the process easy. He explained what was going to happen and things that could occur during the cleaning process. He gave me all the options. He was able to clean the bed and it looks terrific! Additionally, I had some large stains that would disappear when the carpet was cleaned, but always showed up again after a month. I asked Cal if there was anything he could do for those. He took the time to explain why the stains kept reappearing, he thought he could get them out for good, and if for some reason they reappeared in a month, he would come back for free. It has now been several months and the stains have not come back. Cal is professional, organized and very thorough. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Some might say he is a little bit pricier than your normal carpet cleaner, but you pay for what you get…and Integrity Cleaning is not the normal carpet cleaner.

Jennifer H. from Scottsdale
April 2014 (month of service)

Absolutely the best. We have used Cal and Integrity Clean for several years and our carpets and chairs always look like new. You deal with the boss who does all the work by himself no matter how long it takes. If you want your carpets drapes and furniture to look perfect, then Cal and Integrity Clean is a must call. After thirty years in the business, you'll see nothing but great results. We would use no other company.

Jerry M. from Scottsdale
May 2014 (month of service)

We have had Integrity Clean as our carpet cleaner for several years now and we would not even consider calling anyone else! There truly is "integrity" with Cal and his company. You can count on a professional job, very thorough, with great attention to detail and directions for follow-up. The kind of work ethic we recall from the "good old days". The results are always excellent and because the job is so well done, the carpet looks great for a longer period of time. Definitely a top notch, reliable company!

Ron & Jan G. from Scottsdale
October 2013 (month of service)

The best thing about Cal is that he is the one you talk to on the phone, and then, low and behold ... he's the one to show up and do the work. Diligent, careful, thorough. Can't beat his ability and reasonable prices. Plus he'll call you to make sure everything came out to your satisfaction. Forget the chains and marketers if you need carpet or drapes or upholstery. The very best.

Nancy E. from scottsdale
September 2013 (month of service)

If you need a exceptional drapery cleaner, call this Company! My husband's precious bischon urinated on one of my drapery panels. I found Cal on my frantic google search and just decided to go with them. I was so impressed with Cal's professional demeanor, his care and concern at explaining his technique. Within an hour the stain was gone and the drapery panel was dry, no evidence at all that the attack to my panel had occurred! Unfortunately, I am calling him again this morning because my husband's precious bischon has done it again! One more note, Cal called me several days after to ask if the stain had come back, which it hadn't! Excellent service, Excellent Company!

Gisele K. from Paradise Valley
August 2013 (month of service)

Cal is a hardworking, honest Christian man doing wonderful work cleaning our home. The carpet spots are gone, carpet looking new again. He is helpful and dependable, on time and efficient. We wouldn't have anyone else but Cal.

Pat N. from Scottsdale
June 2013 (month of service)

WOW ... Cal has done it again ... Integrity Cleaned our worn cattle trail looking carpet and it looks like NEW again. We've used Cal for many years now and he always works his magic and does such a professional job, and is such a nice person as well !! Highly recommend him and his service.

Patty P. from Fountain Hills
May 2013 (month of service)

Cal cleaned my carpets and grout. He was extremely professional and thorough. He spent the time to explain to me how to keep my floors clean afterwards so that I don't have to have the carpet and grout cleaned so often. He worked into the evening hours to accommodate my schedule. We have been using Cal's services for several years now and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Robyn V. from Scottsdale
March 2013 (month of service)

We are extremely happy with our carpet since Cal restretched and cleaned it. We had had it restretched twice before to no avail. It continued to wrinkle and we thought we would have to get new carpet and pad. Now it is clean and has no wrinkles.We can't thank you enough for what you did. Our carpet looks brand new and we will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Jerry Z. from Phoenix
October 2012 (month of service)

Integrity Carpet Cleaning is the most perfect name for Cal's business. Cal is a very detail person and the way he cleaned our carpet was very detailed. If you want your carpet to look clean and the money well spent Cal's business is the answer, you will change your point of view of a 'carpet cleaners' after you see how Cal can clean your old dirty carpet. When my husband came home after Cal cleaned our carpet, he asked me- did you use a new company to clean our carpet? I asked him -why do you think that? His answer was - it looks very clean like never before. I highly recommend Integrity Clean to my friends and family. Thank you Cal, we appreciate your integrity and the way your care about your customers!

Stella S. from Scottsdale
October 2012 (month of service)

when we think of cal, owner of integrity clean, there are a couple of words that come to mind.....miracle worker, magician, genius. he never ceases to amaze us. he always exceeds our expectations and will continue to use him over and over again. besides the wonderful job cal does, he is the neatest, most polite and classy person to do business with. marcy and rick bern

richard from paradise valley
October 2012 (month of service)

The name "Integrity" was a perfect choice for Cal's business. Other perfect names he could have picked are "Professional", "Reliable", "Friendly", "Dependable", "Trustworthy", "Honest", "Pleasant", "Courteous", and "Conscientious". This was not the first time I have utilized his services and it won't be the last.

Dennis F. from Scottsdale, AZ
September 2012 (month of service)

Cal did such an amazing job of stretching our carpets in part of our house last year, that we had him come back and take care of two additional rooms. As before, Cal did an excellent job, was very conscientious and did the work at a very reasonable price. We would recommend Integrity Clean to anyone.

Alison C. from Phoenix
June 2012 (month of service)

I have to tell you for over 3 years I have used Cal exclusively when it comes cleaning my 19 (nineteen) year old carpet. And every time he is finished I tell him you just saved me having to replace my carpet. And he just did that again today. He was here for over 3 hours and was not done until it was clean, "by his standards" which is definitely higher than mine. You see he knows carpets because he has been in this business for a long time and I trust him. Thanks Cal. I am giving your cards to all my neighbors and inviting them over to see the great job you did. You rock!

Paul H. from Chandler
June 2012 (month of service)

In a word..excellent! The professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail that Cal displayed was wonderful. We had some stubborn spots which were not a challenge to him at all. Best of all, he pointed out a couple of areas that appeared to have water stains. As it turned out, shortly after the carpets were cleaned, we had a steady rain. Although a tad skeptical, I decided to check out the areas Cal pointed out, and low and behold, they were wet! Turned out it was a leaky roof but we wouldn't have caught it so soon had it not been for Cal's eagle eye. Our carpet and chairs look great thanks to Cal.

Barbara S. from Phoenix
March 2012 (month of service)

Integrity Clean lived up to it's name! Cal did a great job assessing our needs particularly the highly stained areas and presented a fair option for cleaning. Cal is highly invested in the quality of work that he puts out and in the complete satisfaction of the home owner. Now that we have lived for a while with the results of the carpet cleaning, I can say that even though we have a very old and stained carpet, Cal was able to bring to it, new life. I would not hesitate to recommend Cal and Integrity Clean to anyone! David P.

David P. from Scottsdale
November 2011 (month of service)

Cal was professional, fair, and courteous since the first phone call through the follow up. He did a superb job on cleaning our 13 year old carpet that had seen much use and traffic from an active family. We would recommend him highly and will use his outstanding service again. It is encouraging to see pride exhibited in his work!

Jan R. from Scottsdale,AZ
November 2011 (month of service)

Cal has cleaned in our home three times now and I am always 110% satisifed. There are no hidden fees, and he is scrupulously honest and hard-working. He always follows up with me to see if his service was satisfactory. I am so grateful to have discovered Integrity Clean.

Ellen B. from Phoenix
September 2011 (month of service)

Our wall to wall carpet, 18 years old and very light in color was cleaned several times over the years but never with the care and perfection as by Cal. It looks like new, even in heavy traffic areas. Our kitchen chairs got the same treatment and turned out better than we could hope for. We could not be happier and recommend Cal without hesitation. Harry S , Scottsdale

Harry S. from Scottsdale
July 2011 (month of service)

I've known Cal for a few years now. Prior to using Integrity Clean, my family of five used the standard yellow pages companies. Unfortunately we received mediocre standard service. I wouldn't recommend any other cleaner than Integrity Clean. Cal Wejrowski is a true business owner; he is prompt, knowledgable, dedicated to service, friendly, and full of integrity.

Kris M. from Scottsdale
June 2011 (month of service)

Simply the best. The carpet we thought ready for replacement was made to look new in color. Cal's service was beyond measure. He explained the process, worked with our scheduled and completed the work in the time promised. He also called the following week to check on our satisfaction. A+++ service.

Tracy D. from Mesa
April 2011 (month of service)

I would highly recommend Cal and Integrity Clean for your carpet cleaning needs. Cal was a pleasure to work with and delivered on everything he promised. We have 4 little dogs with little bladders and have had a few puppy mishaps on the carpet. Cal not only made our carpets look like they were just installed they smell like new as well. No need to shop unless your looking for the cheapest and quality means nothing to you. My wife is a comparison shopper never less than 3 quotes. Cal and Integrity Cleaning is the best you will find for a quality job and a good price.

Howard H. from Scottsdale
April 2011 (month of service)

Cal did a fantastic job of cleaning our carpet and area rugs! (In spite of road detours, and unusually inclement weather) It sure is refreshing to find a company that actually delivers on it's pledge of "Good Service!" Thanks Cal! Andy & Marti R.

Andy R. from Goodyear
February 2011 (month of service)

My carpets look amazing, even after 2 months and many visitors over the holidays!!! I was very close to getting new carpet when I called Cal and now it looks new even though it's 10 years old. Cal is extremely knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Kristin S. from Scottsdale
November 2010 (month of service)

Cal is a pleasure to work with. It's obvious that he's been in the industry for years and sets the gold standard on every customer touch point. We had him clean some area rugs and plan to have him back in the near term to clean more! I would recommend Cal to anyone in need of some cleaning services!

Corey S. from Scottsdale
December 2010 (month of service)

We are very happy with the results of our carpet cleaning from Integrity Clean! Our carpet has been through 11 years of "living" and after the cleaning it looks brand new!! Actually, this was more like a restoration than a cleaning. We've had the other companies come, you know the ones who will clean the carpet for $99, but it just got dirty again right away. Cal took his time and really took care of the carpet as if it was his own! Thanks for a great job and we will highly recommend Integrity Clean, it was worth every penny!

Scott & Linda W. from Goodyear
November 2010 (month of service)

Very professional company, friendly and punctual. Cost a bit more than other companies, however you do get what you pay for, great attention to detail. All work performed with care. One of the few companies that I would willingly recommend to others. Thanks Cal!

Brian F. from GILBERT
September 2010 (month of service)

Cal did a wonderful job cleaning our couches and carpets (which is not an easy task with a two year old!) He was so flexible in scheduling, was on-time, and is just simply a nice man. He takes pride in his work and it shows. I will not use any other cleaning service.

Jennifer B. from Phoenix
February 2010 (month of service)

Rarely in my experience has a company name been as representative of the service received as is "Integrity Clean." From the sample cleaning, estimate, quote, and execution of cleaning our travertine tile and grout Cal's professionalism, knowledge and focus on doing the best possible job for us was exceptional. No surprises, no cost or timeframes changed. The only surprise was that the results far exceeded our expectations. Tiles and grout that were only superfically cleaned over ten years looked like new when he was finished and remain so after eleven months. We highly recommend Cal and his company.

Fred M. from Scottsdale
September 2009 (month of service)

My carpet looks completely new. Whatever Cal does is pure wizardry and I would strongly, strongly recommend him.

David B. from Scottsdale
May 2010 (month of service)

I recently hired Cal with Integrity Clean to clean our carpets before we brought our new baby home for the first time. Having procrastinated and not given Cal much time, he quickly adjusted his schedule and came by for to review our needs. We realized immediately how professional and how serious Cal treats his business as well as clients. After at least 4 hours of work to clean our carpets, he had it looking honestly better than new. The level of detail he provided made us very comfortable when we brought our new baby girl home. He even left a fan for us to ensure the carpets were completely dry. With a follow up phone call to verify our satisfaction, Cal is “Integrity” and every bit of the name his company proudly displays. Thanks Cal for everything!

Matt B. from Phoenix
March 2010 (month of service)

I thought my job was too small for IntegrityClean, but I called anyway. IntegrityClean did a 110% job. Professional, articulate, honest and thorough. I'm far beyond "just" a satisfied customer, I'm a true fan.

Russell B. from Phoenix
March 2010 (month of service)

We replaced our carpeting a couple years ago, but had not had it cleaned since. With 3 young children, there is a lot of traffic in our house. I asked Cal if the carpet would look like new again and he assured me that it would be as clean as possible. Well, the carpet looks new again and my wife and I are very pleased. From the estimate to the follow up after the cleaning, Cal was great to work with.

Matt M. from Scottsdale
February 2010 (month of service)

We appreciate the excellent job that Cal did on our 10 year old carpet. He made it look new again. He takes his time and is very thorough and very professional. He also did and excellent job on our tile.

Jack P. from Scottsdale
February 2010 (month of service)

Cal is definitely a cleaning expert ... the best we've ever had. We had a carpet stain that was never completely removed by a previous "professional". Cal's patience and persistence got that stain entirely removed.

Victoria & Donald T. from Scottsdale
February 2010 (month of service)

My Carpet is Like New !! I had let my carpet go beyond regular cleaning time and what I call the "cattle trails" of foot traffic seemed like they may not come out. But, Cal's expert skills along with the superior products and equipment and knowledge of which cleaning procedure to tackle the job worked like magic .... the carpet looks like new again ! Thanks Cal and Intregrity Cleaning ... Your Company Name says it all !!

Patty P. from Fountain Hills
February 2010 (month of service)

Cal came to my home within the time window that was scheduled and did a beautiful job in cleaning my cream colored carpeting. It looks as good as new including on the stairs. Nancy S.

Nancy S. from Scottsdale
January 2010 (month of service)

We had our carpets (including steps) and furniture cleaned by Cal this week and couldn't be happier with the service and the results. Everything was done professionally, on time, and with excellent information on maintaining the remarkably clean results of his work. Cal did the cleaning with great care to protect other carpet surfaces, baseboards, and trim. We had the same carpet cleaned before by a well advertised company and their results did not compare to how good our carpet looks after the cleaning done by IntegrityClean.

Michael A. from Phoenix
January 2010 (month of service)

I will recommend Cal and Integrity Clean to everyone I know. Professional, Prompt Service, and an impeccable job!

Dan R. from Cave Creek
January 2010 (month of service)

I was very impressed with the service of Cal and his excellent carpet cleaning services. He was even able to get out a 2 year old carpet stain that other companies I had used in the past were not able to get out. I would definitly recommend Integrity Clean. Cal does a great job.

Julia L. from Phoenix
January 2010 (month of service)

Cal was great to work with and did an excellent cleaning our carpets. His follow up and professionalism was impeccable and the quality of work was outstanding. Thank you Cal.

Josh L. from Phoenix
December 2009 (month of service)


Diane T from Scottsdale
November 2009 (month of service)

Cal from Integrity Clean is amazing! He cleaned a love seat and sofa I have that is white and had been in storage, it was definitely in need of a good cleaning. Cal worked at least 5 hours on them and they look brand new, I am thrilled with the results. He has to be one of the hardest working people I have ever met and he lives up to his business name with a high level of customer service and integrity. I would highly recommend Integrity Clean to anyone wanting someone who goes above and beyond!

Sandy W. from Phoenix
July 2009 (month of service)

Cal did a fabulous job for us. His process was very thorough and he took considerable effort in finding out what we needed for cleaning services. He provided a free quotation and then allowed us to decide what level we wanted our carpets cleaned. We also had a small area that needed repair and he included that in our quote. We scheduled the appointment and Cal was both timely and professional. His service was “by our standards of clean!” He went over our carpet multiple times, lifted all furniture off the floor with risers, and dried the carpet to the point it only took an hour to feel completely dry afterwards. He was impeccable, thorough, and made sure we were satisfied. A few days after our cleaning service he called to make sure everything was to our standards. I would recommend him to anyone.

Cindy W. from Scottsdale
June 2009 (month of service)

Cal from Integrity Clean cleaned my four year old white carpets and he did an amazing job. My carpets looked brand-new when he finished. It was far and away the best carpet cleaning experience I have ever had. His attention to detail and commitment to getting the pet spots out was really impressive. I also like how my furnishing were moved with care. Cal also gave me tips for caring for my carpets and good advice to keep them looking good for years to come. I have recommended Integrity Clean to my friends and family who need carpet cleaning. Integrity Clean is the best!

Cindy C. from Scottsdale
March 2009 (month of service)

Cal from Integrity Clean has cleaned tile, carpet and furniture as well has carpet stretching for me. The quality and follow-up of his work is top- notch which reflects the fact that he takes pride in his work and strives for complete client satisfaction. I have and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for professional in-home carpet, tile or upholstery cleaning.”

Claudette L. from Phoenix
February 2009 (month of service)

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