Spot Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Spot Cleaning for Carpet

Integrity Clean offers Spot Cleaning. Some customers do not need overall cleaning, but they may have one or more spots that need attention. Whether it’s an accidental spill that happened during a party, a paint spill, a pet accident, or simply spots that have mysteriously appeared over time, we can help!

Spot Cleaning for Upholstery

We also offer spot cleaning of upholstery. Whether it’s a food or drink spill on upholstery; or just the arms of an easy chair or sectional that need attention, we can help!

Note: “Spot” vs. “Stain’
Most spots will come out completely, however, in some cases spots may be permanent. A permanent spot is technically referred to in the industry as a “stain”. When a stain (a permanent spot) is present, Integrity Clean often has more extensive options for treatment or removal.