On Location Drapery Dry-Cleaning in Phoenix

drapery valence dry cleaning On-location Dry-Cleaning is a valuable service, especially for items that cannot be readily be taken to the cleaners. This includes items such as intricate or large drapes, valances, cornices, etc. On-location Dry-Cleaning is truly DRY-cleaning, as it involves a water-free cleaning solution.

  • Perhaps your draperies are too large to be taken to the cleaners.  If that’s the case we will come to your home to clean them!
  • Perhaps, if your drapes are taken down, you would feel like you “live in a fish bowl” while they are at the cleaners. We can clean them in place without taking them down!
  • Perhaps you have cornicse or valances that cannot really be taken down? We can clean them in place!

On-Location Dry-Cleaning is perfect for the following:

  • Drapes too large to take to the cleaners
  • Intricate or delicate drapes
  • Valances
  • Cornices
  • Fabric headboards and bed frames
  • Fabric walls