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Carpet Cleaning Methods – (4 Different Methods at 4 Different Prices)

Unlike most companies, Integrity Clean offers four different methods of carpet cleaning. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.  The two most popular methods we offer are Showcase Cleaning and Basic Steam Cleaning.  These two methods are more thorough than other methods, and they both include “hot water extraction” which is recommended by most carpet manufacturers.  Regardless of the method chosen by the customer, Integrity Clean spends more time doing the actual cleaning process.  This improves the results without the use of excess chemicals, and without over-wetting the carpet.

The four methods we offer are as follows:

(1) Showcase Cleaning


Developed over the past 35 years, this unique variation of steam cleaning is something that sets Integrity Clean apart from most other companies.  With this method, Integrity Clean uses a combination of additional steps in order to increase the amount of soil that is removed while leaving less (unwanted) residue behind.  With the use of these steps we are able to get great results while leaving less chemicals behind and without over wetting the carpet!  This method is great for customers who want maximum results.  It cost about 25% more than our Basic Steam Cleaning.


Integrity Clean’s exclusive Showcase Cleaning includes a number of unique steps as follows:

  1. Before the cleaning begins, we determine which areas are noticeably soiled and need more attention (this is usually a lot more than just the heaviest traffic areas).
  2. Apply a Pre-Conditioner to ALL of those areas that are noticeably soiled.
  3. Steam Clean all of the areas mentioned in steps 1 and 2 above, using a high quality mild detergent.
  4. After the noticeably soiled areas are cleaned, we go back into each room and apply a Pre-Conditioner to ALL areas to be cleaned.
  5. After the Pre-Conditioner has had several minutes of “dwell time”, we Steam Clean ALL areas using a mild detergent, or a rinsing agent which helps rinse and neutralize the carpet similar to the way a hair conditioner or fabric softener works.
  6. Groom/Rake the nap.  This lifts the nap and also removes the footprints and machine marks.  This helps the carpet to dry faster and improves the appearance.

(2) Basic Steam Cleaning

This method is often referred to in the industry as “Steam Cleaning”, however it is also (and possibly more accurately) called Hot Water Extraction.  This method is not as thorough as Showcase Cleaning, however it is a Very Good method. When done properly, this method removes a high percentage of soil without over wetting the carpet. Steam Cleaning is the most common method performed by most companies.  Integrity Clean refers to this method as “Basic Steam Cleaning”.

In order to increase the results of the cleaning, Integrity Clean uses some additional steps that many companies skip or overlook.  A few of these steps are as follows:

  1. Apply pre-conditioner to ALL areas that are to be cleaned.  Most companies apply pre-conditioner to the heavy traffic areas only.  Integrity Clean has learned over the years that the use of pre-conditioner on all areas improves the results.
  2. Steam Clean all areas to be cleaned (with a minimum of two passes) using a high quality mild detergent.
  3. Very special/extra attention is given to all heavy traffic areas.  This is done by taking extra and/or slower cleaning passes.
  4. Groom/Rake the nap after the cleaning is complete.  This lifts the nap and also removes the footprints and machine marks.  This helps the carpet to dry faster and improves the appearance.

(3) Dry-Cleaning (Bonnet Cleaning)

This method is commonly called “Dry-Cleaning”, however (whether done by Integrity Clean or another company) it is actually a wet process. The amount of moisture used is very minimal so the carpet tends to dry very quickly, therefore causing it to be one of the dryer methods. The use of the word “Dry” is appealing to consumers who’ve had a bad experience, where the carpet was over-wet and took a long time to dry. With this method, a cleaning solution (water-based) is lightly misted onto the carpet (with the use of a bug-type sprayer or an electric sprayer). After about 5-10 minutes of dwell-time, a bonnet (a thick round absorbent pad) is used on the bottom of a floor machine to absorb the cleaning solution along with soil.  The main advantage of this method is that it dries very quickly. A disadvantage is that it is less thorough than other methods.

(4) Shampoo Cleaning

(Rotary Shampoo Cleaning) – This is the oldest method of carpet cleaning. This was virtually the only method used for carpet cleaning until the introduction of steam cleaning in the 1970s. Shampoo cleaning is a method where a shampoo machine applies a carpet shampoo solution onto the carpet and agitates the fibers to loosen the soil which is then suspended in the solution. The shampoo solution is allowed to dry to a powder and then vacuumed afterwards with a normal vacuuming. Shampoo cleaning is beneficial in some situations however this method is less thorough than Showcase Cleaning or Steam Cleaning.

Pet Spot & Stain Removal, and Deodorization

All pet spots are not the same. The type of carpet fiber, the health of the animal, and the length of time since the spot occurred are all contributing factors to whether or not a pet spot can be removed successfully. Food coloring in pet food can make the removal of feces or vomit much more difficult. Cleaning pet spots soon after they occur increases the chance of removal. Whether it’s urine, vomit, or feces, we have a wide variety of products available to combat almost any type of pet spot. Integrity Clean is available to help even if it’s just to clean-up a single spot.
Note: “Spot” vs. “Stain’
As with many other types of spots, most pet spots will come out completely, however, in some cases they may be permanent. A permanent spot is referred to in the industry as a “stain”. When a stain (a permanent spot) is present, Integrity Clean may have more extensive options for treatment or removal.

Integrity Clean has a variety of deodorization products to help counteract and/or neutralize various types of odors, whether they are from pets or from other sources.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Whether it’s Carpet, Area Rugs, Upholstery, or Tile & Grout cleaning…Integrity Clean can help! Virtually all of our services are available for both residential and commercial customers.

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