“Raising the Standards in Carpet Cleaning”

All cleaning is not the same! Though the difference may not always be obvious, cleaning results can vary tremendously from one cleaning company to another. When it comes to the cleaning of carpet, area rugs, tile & grout, and upholstery, the amount of soil removed will vary quite a bit depending on the following:

  1. Effectiveness of the Equipment. Quality equipment in good working order will have more suction and therefore will remove more moisture, and more importantly, more soil.
  2. Cleaning Solutions. Quality cleaning solutions provide better results and leave less residue behind.
  3. Amount of Time Spent Cleaning. When it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning, going slower and/or taking a second or third pass with the equipment will remove more soil than just one single pass.
  4. Experienced Technicians. Experienced technicians are more likely to know which techniques and cleaning solutions are best for each job in order to achieve optimal results.

Integrity Clean uses high quality equipment and cleaning solutions. Additionally, our experience paired with the fact that we invest more time helps insure optimum results. Our extra effort means extra clean!

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