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It’s not only possible, in some cases it’s a great idea to clean just the dirty areas, rather than the entire room.  For some customers, all of the carpet in the home could use a good cleaning, however, sometimes the carpet looks good overall with the exception of certain areas due to isolated spots or […]

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Let’s face it, dust and allergens are a natural part of the outdoor environment. Here are a few suggestions to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home.

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Over the past 30 plus years that I’ve been in the professional carpet cleaning industry the most common question that I am asked is, “How often should I have my carpets cleaned?”

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Simple Spot Cleaning Solutions

Published on February 15, 2015

Simple Spot Cleaning Solutions Spills and spots on carpet seem to be inevitable, especially in households with pets and kids.  Spots are best treated immediately, so it can be helpful to keep some basic household items on hand to deal with carpet emergencies. The first rule of spot cleaning is to blot, rather than rub, the […]

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Five Standards of Clean

Published on September 25, 2009

Five Standards of Clean (When It Comes To Carpet Cleaning) Many people believe that something is either clean or it’s not.  On the contrary, there are often many levels or degrees of clean that are possible. As an example:  If you cram a bunch of dirty clothes into a washing machine, add some detergent, and […]

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How To Keep Grout Cleaner Longer

Published on September 15, 2009

Many people are not aware of how dirty their grout is. One of the best ways to tell…compare the color of the grout in the main/center portion of the room with the grout along the very edge of the room, or in a small closet, or under furniture that doesn’t get moved very often. One […]

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