Is It Possible To Clean Just The Dirty Areas Of Carpet?

Published on August 24, 2015

It’s not only possible, in some cases it’s a great idea to clean just the dirty areas, rather than the entire room.  For some customers, all of the carpet in the home could use a good cleaning, however, sometimes the carpet looks good overall with the exception of certain areas due to isolated spots or high traffic areas.

Some people live with unsightly traffic areas, and/or spots, because they don’t feel that the whole carpet needs to be cleaned.  At Integrity Clean, we have found that carpet will often look better (all of the time), and will last longer, if the high traffic areas are cleaned when they need it, rather than putting it off until the whole room/house needs to be done.

We have come to realize, since there are often certain areas of carpet that get walked on hundreds of times more frequently than others, it can make sense to clean those areas more frequently.

This idea is not always beneficial or practical, every situation is different.  With smaller rooms for instance, it will often make sense to clean the entire room, rather than trying to separate the high traffic areas for more frequent cleaning.

Be aware that some professional carpet cleaning companies may not be willing to clean just the affected/dirty areas and/or their pricing structure may not allow for that, so you will need to check with the company you use for carpet cleaning services.  At Integrity Clean, we gladly offer the option of cleaning just the high traffic areas.  We also offer spot cleaning as well, if and when customers only have a few spots that need attention.

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