How To Keep Grout Cleaner Longer

Published on September 15, 2009

Many people are not aware of how dirty their grout is. One of the best ways to tell…compare the color of the grout in the main/center portion of the room with the grout along the very edge of the room, or in a small closet, or under furniture that doesn’t get moved very often.

One of the major contributing factors to grout getting dirty is the use of dirty mop water. Everyone typically starts out using clean water, however many people continue using the same water until the job is done, regardless of how dirty the water gets during the process. Ceramic tile is non-porous so it does not absorb the color from the water. Grout on the other hand is very absorbent. Each and every time the grout is mopped (with dirty water), it absorbs some of the color from the water, causing it to get darker. In a sense, the water acts like a stain making the grout darker and darker, (little by little).

There are a few things you can do to help prevent grout from getting so dark.
1) Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop the floor before mopping. This will help keep the mop water cleaner-longer.
2) Use more water and/or change the water more frequently will help a lot! HINT: Consider placing a quarter in the bottom of the bucket. When you can’t see the quarter anymore, it may be time to change the water!
3) Don’t leave excess water on the floor. Wring out the mop as much as possible to absorb excess moisture.
4) Invest in a larger mop bucket with a wringer, especially if you have more than just 100-200 square feet of tile floor. A good mop bucket and wringer can easily be purchased at Costco or any janitorial supply store.

Once grout gets dirty, there are basically two options for getting it clean. You can pay a professional company that does tile and grout cleaning, or you can do it yourself with a good grout cleaner and some old tooth brushes or grout brushes. Be forewarned, this can be a very time consuming and backbreaking job. If you attempt to do it yourself, one of the biggest challenges, besides the backbreaking part, is rinsing out (and neutralizing) the cleaning solution.

Regardless of who does your grout cleaning, following some of the tips mentioned above will help keep your grout cleaner-longer!

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