Five Standards of Clean

Published on September 25, 2009

Five Standards of Clean (When It Comes To Carpet Cleaning)

Many people believe that something is either clean or it’s not.  On the contrary, there are often many levels or degrees of clean that are possible.

As an example:  If you cram a bunch of dirty clothes into a washing machine, add some detergent, and set the machine to a short/light wash cycle, the clothes will come out cleaner than they were before you washed them.  On the other hand, if you place just a portion of the clothes into the machine (allowing the clothes to move more freely), add some detergent, and then set the machine to a longer wash cycle, the clothes will inevitably be much fresher and cleaner than the first scenario.

The same is also true with cleaning many other items such as carpet.  For some people they are just looking for their carpet to be clean-ER than it was.  Others would much rather have the items as clean and fresh as reasonably possible.

Additionally, there are several standards (or definitions) of clean as well.  Five common ones are: Looks Clean, Smells Clean, Feels Clean, Stays Clean, and Sanitized.  Here are some examples to illustrate how these Five Standards of Clean vary one from one another:

Looks Clean – The most common reason people have their carpet cleaned is because it looks dirty.  In other words, they want to remove the soil you CAN see.  Therefore, “Looks Clean” is the most common standard that people are looking for when it comes to carpet cleaning.  For people who are having their carpet cleaned to remove the soil you CANNOT see, one or more of the additional four standards will apply.

Smells Clean – Over time, Carpet (along with most other surfaces in a home) will begin to absorb and take on odors from animals, smoking, cooking, food and drink spills, plus regular old dust and dirt.  For people who want their carpet free of unpleasant odors, “Smells Clean” is the standard they are looking for.

Feels Clean – Some people don’t just want their carpet to look or smell clean, they also want it to feel clean as well.  After all, nothing feels better under bare feet than clean, soft carpet.  For those people, “Feels Clean” is often the standard they are looking for.

Stays Clean – For people who’ve had their carpet or upholstery cleaned in the past, just to have it re-soil very quickly afterwards (due to a sticky/dirt-attracting residue left behind), “Stays Clean” is usually the standard of clean they are looking for.

Sanitized – For people who have small children or a baby on the way, a common concern is not just how the carpet looks or smells, but also that the carpet is sanitary.

If you are looking to have your carpet professionally cleaned, regardless of what YOUR reason is, Integrity Clean is here to help!

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